About us

AMS System Sp. z o.o. has been operating since 2007. Since the beginning we have been focused on innovative solutions and we have adjusted our offer to market's requirements and customers' needs which resulted in the first Orange network connection in IP/ SIP formula.

We provide telecom services for telecommunication operators by offering transit connection to stationary and mobile networks Polish and foreign, both outbound and inbound. Moreover, we proclaim numbering, routing numbers and operation of processes PLI CBD2.

  • We offer competitive prices and we allow the access to telecommunication services other operators without the necessity of bearing the extra cost.
  • The network connection with AMS System platform is prefered in VoIP (SIP) technology.
  • In cooperation with operators that are concerned with carrier to carrier on the Polish and foreign markets.
  • We offer services in the range of mass distribution SMS.
  • In cooperation with our partners we offer installing telecommunication platforms and implementing services in the field of MVNO.

In our team there are experienced specialists who are open to new technologies, orientated toward the innovation of offered solutions and adjusting them to individual needs of our clients.

You are welcome to cooperate!