SMS campaigns

We offer user-friendly AMS-SMS service which allows to campaign SMS through bulk distribution of short text messages to customers in various cellular networks.

  • AMS-SMS is a service that is aimed at companies, individuals and institutions for which fast communication is an important element of working and signifcant information should reach to clients abreast.
  • AMS-SMS is an effective and cheap tool that expedite communication e.g. in marketing campaigns, in loyalty systems, because it allows to send SMS cyclically and automatically.

AMS-SMS allows to control SMS

  • AMS-SMS is available by any designed tool e.g. www or module that is embedded in client's app.
  • Sending SMS is possible as soon as the single phone number is introduced or after introducing the list of numbers taken from a text file or Excel document. After sending random numbers of SMS the report of sent messages is made abreast taking into consideration: the number of receiver and the date and term of the deliverance.
  • The advantage of AMS-SMS service is the possibility of sending SMS with so-called branding. In the area of a sender of SMS there is written an extra information like the name of the company (up to 11 signs without Polish signs) or the phone number (up to 13 digits).