Wholesale Voice

Wholesale Voice is a service that is aimed at domestic and foreign operators concetrated on wholesale exchange of voice telecommunications traffic.

  • The service consist of terminating international and domestic voice traffic by direct points of contact with fixed and mobile networks in Poland and abroad.
  • AMS System offers transit of voice traffic to all fixed and mobile networks in Poland and abroad.
  • We use interconnection points of contact or we use open Internet. The connection might be based on VoIP (SIP) technology or TDM (SS7), and also technology that uses encryption based on IP sec channel or through VPN.  

Within carrier to carrier and the service of transit of voice traffic, we offer products adjusted to the required quality and price which allows to prepare the service in accordance with our partner's expectations.

  • International Transit of voice (A-Z) – Optimal/ Standard

We offer the combo quality and price  in accordance with our partner's expectations. Our system allows to choose optimal way of guidance i.e. to obtain the best quality when the price is acceptable for our client.

  • International Transit of voice (A-Z) – Exclusive/ Superior

In case of this service traffic is sent to partners that ensure the higests quality parameters of services (ASR and ACD, no FAS), and with the guarantee of CLI, roaming and sending faxes.

We have long-standing exerience on the market of interconnection cooperation and our ofeer is comprehensive, competitive and in accordance with applicable standards.

  • Our technical and selling teams are professional.
  • We monitor network and quality paramaters (ASR and ACD) and availability of resources in real time.
  • Our NOC (Network Operation Center) is available 24/7/365