Offer for operators

Offer is aimed at telecommunication operators that have their own infrastructure and/or entities that have their own contact/call centre.

  • Transit of traffic to both fixed and mobile numbers in Poland,
  • Transit of international traffic,
  • Transit to non-geographical numbers (80x, 70x),
  • Offering local DIDs,
  • Number portabilty handling (including NP database operations – PLICBD2),
  • Preferred technology is VoIP (SIP), TDM also available.
  • Connecting via public internet or dedicated carrier connections,
  • Direct cable connection is available in T-Mobile collocation space (Piękna 24/26A, floor -2) or in Equinix (Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79 (LIM), 1st floor), in Warsaw, Poland,
  • We also have the connection with local Polish peering nodes like TPIX and EPIX,
  • We offer collocation in our racks.