Offer for operators

Offer is aimed at telecommunication operators that have their own infrastructure and/or entities that have their own contact/call centre.

  • Transit of connections for both stationary and mobile numbering with an opportunity of a callback.
  • Transit of international traffic.
  • Using numbers of reduced (80x) or increased (70x) charge.
  • Spreading stationary numbers and routing numbers based on agreements of sharing numbering between a Partner and AMS System.
  • Operation of processes connected with PLI CBD2.
  • The connection of network is made by using solutions adjusted to our partner's possibilities and needs.
  • VoIP (SIP) technology is used to connect with AMS System platform.
  • AMS System platform is available by public Internet network as well as dedicated connections that are apposed to our host nodes.
  • Direct connection is possible in T-Mobile collocation (PiÄ™kna 24/26A, floor -2) or in TelecityGroup/PLIX (Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79 (LIM), 1st floor), in Warsaw.
  • We also have the connection with TPIX and EPIX, with using these resources we can also arrange dedicated connections.
  • There is a possibility of locating our partner's decives in closets rented by AMS System.
  • If our partners do not have their own infrastructure and central resources, we offer reseller model of cooperation with using dedicated application.